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Hi, I am Christi Slider, a boutique portrait photographer, who loves to serve my clients by creating custom artwork to fill your home. I am constantly reading, and keeping up with education to produce the best art to offer my clients. Me and my husband Mark run Christi S. Photography, and although I am the photographer, you can often see Mark at a photo shoot with me, assisting me, and every now and then you see him behind the camera. Thank you for allowing me to produce custom artwork, just for you!


Christi Slider

Hi! I'm Christi Slider, the main photographer at Christi S. Photography. My photography journey started when I was a in jr. high, trying to keep memories of my life in order and has continued throughout my life. I'm a wife, and a mother of 3 precious kiddos. I'm a PPA member. Things I like: JESUS • KID HUGS & KISSES • TACOS • SUMMER DAYS• DIY'S • BAKING • COOKIES • FUNNY MEMES • & MUCH MORE!


Mark Slider

He is an extremely talented musician and songwriter. He creates amazing music, with such melodic talent that it draws you into the world of his music. To see his work head to Walk of Faith Music and find them on itunes & youtube.